"He is not the youngest in the group, but I’m grateful that he plays the role of being my little brother." - Suga about Jimin

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wait for me…

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140807 That Summer Concert 2
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How to tell which songs belongs to which group based on their English.

  • SM Entertainment: Repeat the title of their song 12783908534 times.
  • YG Entertainment: Actual sentences.
  • CUBE Entertainment: Engrish to the max despite having Peniel and G.Na
  • Block B: Make sure the English words sound sexual.
  • JYP: JYP


a rap battle for the ages


Me flirting: So do you think Dumbledore’s over protection of Harry to the point where it harmed more than helped him stemmed from a desire to compensate for being so careless about the life of his sister and abandoning his brother when he was supposed to be the head of the family?

the B E G I N N I N G

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